2018 Donation Statements

As required by law, all donation statements have been mailed to St. Raphael parishoners who have made single contributions od $250 or more in 2018 or who have called and requested a statement. These statements do not include "Together in Mission" donations which are acknowledged by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

If you did not recieve your statement or would like to request one, please email or call the Parish Office with your full name, address, phone number and envelope number. We will only be printing and mailing additional statements once a week, so please call in advance. Thank you so much for your patience and generosity!


Tax-Wise Year End Giving Options

Gifts from an IRA

If you are 70 ½ or older, you can make a tax-free gift directly from your IRA account to the parish.  This law allows you to transfer any amount up to $100,000 annually directly to a qualified charitable organization without paying income tax on the distribution.  The transfer does not generate taxable income or a tax deduction, so you benefit even if you do not itemized your tax deductions.  Your gift can satisfy all or part of your required minimum distribution.

Gifts of Stock

Gifts of appreciated assets such as stock are an excellent way for you to make a charitable gift.

Stocks may be transferred directly to the Archdiocese for the benefit of parish. These gifts will not affect your cash flow, and they provide the following tax benefits:

• A possible charitable deduction to help you save on taxes

• Bypass of federal and state capital gains taxes

• Avoidance of the tax on net investment income

From a tax perspective, a gift of appreciated assets makes good sense. You can make the capital gains taxes optional, achieve significant tax savings and support our programs.

Please contact Brooke Glazer at 213-637-7381 or

Our legal title is The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles, A Corporation Sole, for the Benefit of St. Raphael Church. For more information, please call Kimberly Jetton at 213-637-7512.

Online Giving

Online Giving

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